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Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions 22 × 19 × 28 cm

Please note this product is in limited stock and prepared locally when ordered. We will call you after placing your order to provide you with the delivery time.

COVID hindered the learning journey for kids, and the lilM8 recreates the spark of excitement that children first have for learning.

In 2020 a small group of parents were frustrated that 3D printing wasn't easy for kids and schools during the lockdown. With their wide range of skill sets, this small group set out to create a one of a kind easy-to-use 3D printer that is perfect for the classroom and living room.

The lilM8 is easy-to-use, whisper-quiet, compact affordable and ready to create out of the box. We locally prepare every lilM8 aiming for your kids to have a magical first experience.

The lilM8 isn't a toy, it is a creation station that creates toys, educational resources, movie fan art, models, tools, parts, gadgets, jewellery and much more.


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Whisper quiet

Thanks to Stealthchop technology the LilM8 is Ultra-silent for non-disruptive peaceful printing

Durable light weight design

Compacted design makes it durable for long life span. Any parts that may become damage are easily replaceable through our website.

Fast and accurate

Highly accurate motor can move the print head to within 0.1mm for precision printing.

Easy to use menu dial

Simple screen and control knob creates a user- friendly interface. So simple, everyone can use.


Unlike other printers out there, the LilM8 is high quality printer that wouldn’t break the bank. For an affordable price, the ability to 3D is now a reality for the common household.

Plug and Play

Easy to use print bed, means you can plug in the power and start printing start away. With 4 accessible screws you can adjust the bed level yourself, to find that height that is perfect for printing!

lilM8 Specifications

Unit Weight: 2.7kg
Unit Dimensions: 220mm x 190mm x 280mm
Box Dimension: 440mm x 230mm x 350mm
Supply Voltage: 12V 6.5Ap
Print Speed: 15-40mm/sec
Heat Range: 180 – 220 Degrees Celcius
Noise Level: 12-20 Decibel
Material: PLA Only
Printing Technology: FDM
Printing Area: 110 x 110 x 120mm
Layer Resolution: 0.15-0.3mm
Layer Accuracy: 0.05mm
Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm
Bed Type: Magnetic (non-heated)
Unit Origin: Made in China


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